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  • GTH500(A)Carbon monoxide sensor

    Electrochemical gas sensor,Through coal mine in single chip stationary monitoring instrument,Applicable to the coal mine,Continuous monitoring of working face and tunnel of carbon monoxide gas concentration。

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  • GJC4(A)Coal mine methane sensor

    Continuous automatically to underground gas concentration can be converted into standard electrical signal to a device context,With in situ show that the gas density,Transfinite acousto-optic alarm and power function

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  • JCB4Portable methane detection alarming device

    Detector is mainly used in need to detect methane(The gas)The explosive environment,Such as mine,Methane gas stations and various kinds of methane(The gas)The user。

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  • GUR8Mine this Ann type pyroelectric infrared sensor

    For the coal mine and related monitoring equipment or associated use automation control system,Mainly used to detect the effective measurement within the scope of human activities,Can be used in the monitoring of coal mine、Automatic control、Automatic alarm system, etc。

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